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Staying open during COVID-19

Are you in need of emergency dental services? Or, do you have dental concerns you would like to address before they become severe? Dr. Neal Patel wants his office to be available to you when you need us most. That is why we are staying open for you.

Are you currently in need of dental care but don’t know where to turn? Our office is open for both emergency and general dentistry needs!

Dental emergency? Call us immediately

We will schedule your appointment on the same day if possible. All after-hours calls will be redirected to Dr. Patel’s cell phone.

Infinite Smiles of Powell, OH is open

We understand the rising concerns regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). These can be overwhelming and uncertain times. And especially now, your healthcare is extremely important.

Are you in need of emergency dental services? Or, do you have dental concerns you would like to address before they become severe? Dr. Neal Patel wants his office to be available to you when you need us most. That is why we are staying open for you.

What we are doing for you

As always, Dr. Neal Patel is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of our patients and team members. We are working to provide the most sterile, safe, and technologically advanced facility we can for our patients.

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Among other intensive safety precautions, all our staff wear masks and other protective equipment to keep our patients safe. We also provide masks to patients when they arrive to help keep common areas clean.

Our office is following Ohio Dental Board recommendations and OSHA guidelines for infection control. In addition, to increase our safety precautions, we are doing the following:

Manual disinfection of common areas and high-touch surfaces

This includes cleaning chairs, countertops, doors and door knobs, light switches, bathroom surfaces, keyboards and phones regularly

Employee health screenings

Every employee is screened with a touchless thermometer and health questionnaire upon arrival

Additional personal protective equipment

Employees are given access to the highest tier protective equipment available. This includes KN95 masks, level 3 surgical masks, puncture-resistant surgical gloves and surgical visors

Employee sanitation procedures

We are continuing our strict sanitation guidelines for employees including hand sanitation and cleaning, disposal and protection from contaminated equipment

Social distancing

Our office is encouraging safe social distancing for patients. This includes maintaining 6-foot distance and limiting high traffic. This prevents cross contamination and reduces the spread of germs

Instrument sanitation procedures

Instruments and high-touch surfaces in each room are sanitized after each use following strict medical guidelines

Upgraded air filtration

Our Airdog X8 air purification unit purifies the air throughout the day

Tru-D Smart UV-C light system

We’ve installed UV-C light systems to further disinfect and kill germs in high-impact areas of our office

Open and operational for your dental needs

Our office continues to run normal service hours. Our full staff is here for you. Whether you need a routine cleaning and exam or emergency tooth extraction, we’re ready to provide top quality care.

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What to expect at your appointment

As previously stated, we will continue to follow recommended health and safety standards for your protection. Of course, this doesn’t mean we will sacrifice your comfort. Our staff are here to greet you and guide you through your time with us. Also, we still provide certain amenities to help keep you comfortable and relaxed during your visit.

Appointments will be handled as close to normal circumstances as possible. However, there are a few changes to your regular appointment routine that you may notice when you arrive:

For blog page indicating Infinite Smiles is open. During COVID-19 pandemic, we provide hand sanitizer and face masks to all patients.
Hand sanitizer, face masks and surface disinfectants. These are only some of the many safety precautions we provide to help keep you safe and our office clean.

On arrival, one of our staff will check your temperature with a touchless thermometer. Patients with an elevated temperature will be politely notified and asked to stay home until they feel better.

We will also give each patient the opportunity to disinfect their hands.

Next, as an extra safety precaution, we will discretely screen all patients with a health questionnaire.

Masks will be provided to anyone entering our office without one. This helps to protect everyone in common areas around the office.

All appointments will be staggered so our waiting room isn’t crowded. This also means zero or limited wait time for patients during their scheduled appointment time.

If you arrive and feel more comfortable waiting in your car before your appointment, please let us know. We will text you on a phone number you provide to let you know when we are ready.

At this time, we will kindly ask you not to bring friends or family with you to your appointment.

Additionally, we strongly encourage only one parent to be present with their children at their dental appointments.

We look forward to seeing you

Dr. Neal Patel understands that going to the dentist can be stressful even in the most ideal times. That’s why we’re putting your safety and comfort first by enacting these new policies. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Yes, Dr. Patel’s office Infinite Smiles is open for business. To make an appointment, contact us using the form on this page or call us at 740.881.2600 today!

We'll stay open. You stay informed

To learn more about what you can do to stay safe, we recommend visiting the websites for the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) or WHO (World Health Organization). Both organizations are at the forefront of COVID-19 research. They provide daily updates on the status of the disease and resources to keep you informed and healthy. Some articles we find most useful include:

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New patients, simply mention who referred you to our office at your first appointment for the credit to be applied.

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