Oral surgery

Sometimes, oral surgery is required to optimize your oral health or to prepare you for a treatment that will do so. If you need oral surgery, we offer the procedures you need under one roof.

We are here to help

Dr. Patel understands that oral surgery can be very stressful. Because of this, we are here for you whether you need comprehensive payment options or faster, less invasive surgeries.

We pledge to make your experience as comfortable as possible. For this, our office offers local anesthetics and sedation dentistry options to reduce pain and relieve dental anxiety. Our staff also use the latest dental technology. These help to speed up your procedure and recovery time while reducing pain.

Our technology and expertise help provide both a more convenient and painless experience. And with these, we strive for precision as well as speed. As a result, you can begin to enjoy your new smile faster than ever before.

Impacted canine teeth and wisdom teeth removal

Sometimes, your canine teeth do not grow past the surface of your gums. These are referred to as impacted canines, and surgery to correct this can be complicated. Dr. Patel can perform the procedure in-house using our CBCT scanner and other digital planning tools.

Wisdom teeth can also grow in improperly and remain impacted, either fully or partially. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain and crowding. They may also increase your risk for decay and infection as they are under your gums and difficult to clean. We perform this routine surgical process in-house with local anesthesia, sometimes with sedation, to minimize discomfort.

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Guided implant surgery

To plan the most accurate surgery possible, Dr. Patel helped develop a virtual surgery using both CAD/ CAM and CBCT technology. With computer-guided implant surgery, Dr. Patel eliminates any guesswork from planning and surgery.

Guided surgery increases comfort and leads to faster recovery for dental implants. This includes full-mouth restorations, implant-supported dentures and bridges, and single or multiple implant placement.

Robot-assisted implant surgery

Robotic assistance is becoming a standard of care in medicine. This is because it can be gentler, more accurate, and less invasive than traditional techniques. One of the first dentists in the country to practice robotic dentistry, Dr. Patel can now even more effectively help his clients who are candidates for one-day dental implant treatment.

Dr. Patel can discuss your options at your complimentary consultation and determine if you are a candidate for robotic-assisted dental implant surgery. During this appointment, we create a 3D scan of your mouth with our industry-leading 3D imaging system. Our robotic technology then assists Dr. Patel the day of your procedure using our accurate 3D scans.

During your procedure, Dr. Patel holds the tool guided by the robotic assistant which steadies his hand and leads him to the exact position for the perfect placement of your replacement tooth. This means smaller incisions for faster, more comfortable recovery times and few to no stitches.

Once the implants heal, clients return to have their abutment and temporary crown placed. And if no complications arise, the final, perfectly-matched, natural-looking crown is permanently fixed. In the end, the result is a perfectly natural, comfortable fit for the perfect replacement tooth.

Bone grafting and sinus lifts

When you lose teeth, the jawbone recedes. Bone grafting, or regenerative surgery, restores both your gums and the bone itself. If you lack the bone needed for dental implants, we may recommend this procedure to prepare you for implants.

Sinus lifts, or sinus augmentations, are another type of oral surgery used to prepare patients for implants. If your sinus membrane is too close to your jaw, we move it away before adding structure to the jawbone.

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