Crowns & bridges

Dr. Patel is extensively trained in premier dental restoration solutions including dental crowns and bridges. You should never suffer physical or emotional pain from having a damaged or missing tooth.

What is a dental crown?

Most notably, damaged or decayed teeth can ruin your smile. Beyond that, they can also make chewing uncomfortable and limit what you can eat. So if you are missing teeth, how can you replace them to restore this lost form and function? This is what dental crowns and bridges are for.

A dental crown is a dental restoration that looks just like a real tooth. They are used to cover and restore function and strength to damaged teeth, teeth with large cavities, and dental implants. Our dental crowns are made from high-grade porcelain. And we match this porcelain to your surrounding teeth for a highly natural, aesthetic appearance.

Same-day crowns

Same-day crowns are one of the greatest advancements in dental technology. This is because we can make ceramic crowns that match the rest of your smile in just one appointment.

After producing a 3-D model of your crown, Dr. Patel will adjust for size and shade. Our chair-side milling machine will then create your perfect restoration out of a block of high-quality ceramic in minutes.

With an expert eye for detail, our team of master technicians will quickly finalize your restoration in-house. This eliminates the need for you to wait weeks or even months like you would at other dentist offices.

Dr. Patel can make any changes in-house before securely placing your crown on your natural tooth or implant post. In a little more than an hour, you can have a brand-new tooth that looks completely natural.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a fixed appliance used to bridge the gap left by a lost tooth or multiple missing teeth. It does this by replacing the missing teeth with a crown. And that crown is anchored in the mouth by dental crowns placed on the existing teeth on either side. The bridge helps maintain facial structure, keeps healthy teeth from moving and restores any lost ability to speak or chew.

We use state-of-the-art technology in-house to create the crowns that make up your custom-fit bridge. This ensures a quicker turnaround time than the weeks it would take an outside lab to create your restoration. And, because high-quality materials make up each crown, the end results look entirely natural.

Deciding between implants and bridges

Because bridges require us to remove part of your healthy teeth, we typically recommend dental implants. Implants also prevent jawbone deterioration because they restore the chewing force to your jaw, strengthening and building up your bone.

If you need several implants restored with a bridge, our master technicians can create the custom bridge in our lab. Alternatively, we can create custom-fit dentures that are permanently retained by implants.

With proper care; however, bridges can provide many years of beautiful smiles and improve your ability to chew and talk. Dr. Patel will discuss your tooth replacement options to determine if a bridge or implants are best for you.

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Success stories

Dr. Neal Patel client brianna smiles to show off her adult braces before and after transformation.


A beautiful smile is all I wanted, and I am so happy Dr. Patel gave me exactly what I was looking for. I encourage anyone interested in braces to visit Dr. Patel.

Infinite Smiles client, Kenny, talks about his experience with Six Month Smiles and Gum Contouring.


I have a brand new smile that I never thought I could have had without something like veneers. And I am so incredibly happy with what I have now!

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I get compliments all the time. I’m so happy I chose Dr. Patel. He and his staff are wonderful, and I would recommend him to anyone.

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I feel much more confident now. And, most importantly, I know I have a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

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