Cleanings & exams

Preventative care like routine cleanings and exams reduce excessive wear and decay by making teeth stronger. Dr. Patel believes that the healthiest, most beautiful smile is achieved through routine oral hygiene and dental care.

Your first dental visit

Our focus is on personalized patient care. This means we prioritize providing the best care for each patient. Dr. Patel will always take time to address all your oral healthcare goals and dental care needs.

For your convenience, we offer your new patient forms online to print, fill out, and bring to your first appointment. Or, if you’d prefer, we can help you fill out your new patient forms when you arrive.

At your first visit, we will provide a tour of our contemporary office. During your tour, you may notice that all our dental exam rooms include comfort amenities for your convenience. And, they are all stocked with the latest, minimally invasive dental equipment.

This is because Dr. Patel works hard to stay at the forefront of all advancements in dentistry. And this is entirely for the comfort and convenience of his patients. New technologies help Dr. Patel provide treatments which are shorter and less invasive, while also being far more reliable.

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Your dental examination

X-rays help us accurately check for tooth decay, tumors, cysts, bone loss and the position of your teeth and roots. We use the newest, highest resolution digital X-rays available. And because they are the latest in dental X-ray technology, they use the lowest dose of radiation possible. All while still achieving a crystal-clear image. As a result, we can create a safe, quick, and incredibly detailed assessment of your oral health.

After your X-rays, Dr. Patel and his staff will visually search for additional signs of tooth decay. We will also evaluate your gum health, checking for signs of periodontal disease.

Oral cancer screening

We provide a comprehensive oral cancer screening as part of your examination to identify abnormal tissue in the mouth. First, Dr. Patel visually checks for abnormalities and feels the mouth and jaw for other irregularities. Second, we use the latest X-ray technology to view the mouth and surrounding bone for any underlying issues. The state-of-the-art technology we use is safe and can be conducted in 2 minutes.

Early oral cancer symptoms are difficult to recognize. But, Dr. Patel and his staff at Infinite Smiles have the expertise and technology to catch these symptoms early.

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Your teeth cleaning

Routine, professional teeth cleaning is essential to your preventative care. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of any healthy dental hygiene routine. Professional cleanings remove the causes of tooth decay and gum disease like plaque and tartar. And, they help clean hard-to-remove stains from your teeth. We gently and thoroughly remove plaque and tartar, protecting the health of your teeth and gums.

Your cleaning will end with tooth polishing to remove any plaque or stains that may be lingering. This ensures that you will leave our Powell, Ohio office with a clean and healthy smile.

Referral program

Terms & conditions

Get rewarded for referring friends and family to Dr. Neal Patel!

Refer as many people as you like, and earn a $50 credit (per household) each time.

Credits will be applied after the referred party completes an initial appointment that includes a comprehensive exam, cleaning and x-rays.

$50 credit is given to both you and the person you refer to Infinite Smiles.

New patients, simply mention who referred you to our office at your first appointment for the credit to be applied.

Does not apply to free consultations.

Referral discount is non-transferable.

If submitting to insurance, a $50 credit is applied to payment before insurance for any dental service.

Referral program discount does not expire.

Not redeemable for cash.