Dr. Patel made sure that I was comfortable and explained everything. Everyone here was very compassionate.
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Karen talks about emergency care

Dr. Patel is so kind and explains everything he’s going to do. I had a major accident, fell and broke the bone in my upper lip, and lost 5 teeth. I needed implants. Recovery was a long, 11 month process. Dr. Patel made sure that I was comfortable and explained everything. Everyone here was very compassionate.

Before anything, they tried in every way they could to save my teeth but weren’t able to. My jaw had to be wired while it healed. I had to go several months without my front teeth, and that was very difficult to do. 

Dr. Patel made sure I had an appliance, so I never had to go anywhere without looking natural. If it broke, he made another immediately. It was so nice to know he was always there. I could call if I had any problems in the evening or weekends and that was really reassuring.

Everyone told me how natural my new smile looks. All my friends that knew what I had gone through were just shocked and surprised at how nice my teeth look.

Dr. Neal Patel can help you

Dental emergencies can be frightening, both due to potential complications and their urgency. Often, patients are tossed between multiple specialists for surgical procedures and cosmetic reconstruction. Sometimes, this means more pain and discomfort where tender healing tissue must be disturbed. However, at our office, we provide immediate emergency dental services all under one roof.

Dr. Patel carefully treats extensive injuries using state-of-the-art surgical techniques. Because of the extent of her injury, Karen may have needed to live without her front teeth while she properly healed. However, Dr. Patel was able to craft a temporary appliance that allowed her to live without her fear of embarrassment.

Our staff specializes in cosmetic dentistry, including crowns and bridges, veneers and implants. So when she healed, Karen was able to come back and complete her smile makeover in a fraction of the time. Because she had everything completed under one roof, she had reliable records and better support each step of the way.

Dr. Neal Patel specializes in treating complex dental care needs. Whether you need emergency care or want to address life-long concerns, we are here for you. Contact us online or call our office at 740.881.2600 to schedule your appointment today!

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