At my store, customers couldn't even tell I had braces while I had them until I pointed them out.
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Brittany talks about smile makeovers

I had a tooth that was pushed back just a little bit and couldn’t be whitened. Dr. Patel gave me braces and I was only in them for 4 weeks. He then gave me a permanent retainer so my teeth wouldn’t shift anymore. Afterward, I got a professional whitening and everything looked great!

When we first talked about braces, I actually said, “no way.” But Dr. Patel talked me a little into it and there were a few ladies in the office that had them. They told me no one would be able to tell they were there. It really made me feel a lot better.

I own my own store. I would be talking to customers, and I would ask them if they were going to say anything about my braces. But they would ask me, “you have braces?” That was cool, because I was a little insecure about getting braces at my age. It was awesome, I felt really good about it. I wasn’t insecure at all, and people didn’t even notice them. Dr. Patel was really great about the whole thing.

Dr. Neal Patel can help you

If you are unhappy with your smile, the perfect solution may be closer and more convenient than you think. Many people like Brittany postpone adjusting their smile for years. This is because they think it will take too long and be too uncomfortable and embarrassing. In reality, short-term orthodontics, professional whitening, crowns and veneers are very accessible. At our office, you could complete your smile makeover in as little as one day.

Modern braces solutions are faster and nearly invisible if you need to align your bite or fix a crooked tooth. Brittany only needed her braces for 4 weeks, and she had to point them out before her clients noticed. Solutions like Six Month Smiles® braces use clear brackets and white wires to blend in perfectly. Alternatively, we offer Invisalign® for a truly invisible tooth alignment solution.

At our office, smile makeovers are easier, with dramatic results as close as a few hours away! If you are interested in achieving your dream smile, contact us online or call our office at 740.881.2600 today!

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