I was in a pretty bad car accident, and I lost 4 teeth and 4 millimeters of mandible. Dr. Patel said he could do his part in 1 day.
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Daniel talks about dental surgery

I was in a pretty bad car accident and learned to always wear my seat belt. 4 teeth and 4 millimeters of mandible were gone, and it was pretty bad for a while. I needed plastic surgery, and then a dentist to put my implants, crown and new bone back in. Dr. Patel said he could do his part in 1 day, rather than the 3 days other dentists were claiming. Considering how close the office is to my residence and that I felt comfortable here helped.

Financially, losing 4 teeth and a bunch of bone in your face is not cheap. Dr. Patel worked with me to set up a payment plan while we waited for insurance. It worked great. There was no money needed up front and everything was financed.

I look beautiful now. Whenever somebody needs a dentist, I always send them to Dr. Patel. I know if I felt comfortable they’d feel comfortable, too.

Dr. Neal Patel can help you

Dental emergencies can be very painful and terrifying. We understand your uncertainties and fears when it comes to finding the right dentist. Dr. Patel specializes in same-day full-mouth restorations and oral surgery. And, our doors are always open – just call ahead and specify your call as an emergency.

When you experience a traumatic accident, we will do everything we can to help you get better. Dr. Patel completes complex procedures like Daniel’s in a single day because we can do everything in-house. Our multidisciplinary specialists use state-of-the-art dental technology to plan and provide effective treatment.

At your appointment, we will treat your injury and provide instruction to help you heal properly and quickly. While you heal, we will prepare your restorations from our office. After you heal, we can complete your final dental restoration in a single day.

If you are concerned about the financial impact of your injury, we are here to help. For clients with difficult insurance companies, we provide payment solutions to help you while you wait. Alternatively, we offer flexible solutions to help you pay for your healthcare at a pace that is reasonable for you.

If you are in need of immediate care, call our office at 740.881.2600 to schedule your appointment today. If you need to complete your restoration after a serious injury, please contact us online or call us!

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