Robotic dentistry

Always at the forefront of dental technology, Dr. Patel is among the first to utilize robotic dentistry. With the Yomi® Robotic System, dental implant procedures are now faster, more accurate, and more convenient than ever.

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Introducing the Yomi® Robotic System

Robotic assistance is not as new as it may sound. In fact, it is becoming a standard of care in medicine. This is because robotic assistance is gentler and more accurate than traditional techniques. As a result of this assistance, procedures are less invasive and recoveries are far more comfortable.

Dr. Patel has always sought out the most innovative, effective, and gentle forms of treatment for his clients. As a result, his practice uses some of the most state-of-the-art techniques available in dentistry. Yomi by Neocis® is no exception. One of the first dentists in the country to implement this robotic system, Dr. Patel can now even more effectively help his clients who are candidates for one-day dental implant treatment.

Yomi provides assistance where it matters — in planning and placing dental implants. It provides Dr. Patel with highly accurate robotic guidance during procedures. A step above traditional dental guides, Yomi® assistance helps Dr. Patel make changes to the digital treatment plan as needed. This means improving dental implant placement on the day of surgery.

The arm for the Yomi robotic assistant is shown. For the Yomi robotic dentistry services landing page.
The arm on the Yomi robotic assistant has a very wide range of movement, enabling Dr. Patel to move his tools in any orientation that works best for the treatment plan and the client.

One-day dental implant procedures

At our office, one-day dental implants mean clients can have their single or multiple dental implants placed in one visit. To do this, first Dr. Patel meets with you, the client, for a comprehensive, complimentary consultation. During this appointment, he listens to your needs and answers your questions. Our team also performs any necessary scans to create your treatment plan in advance of your implant procedure.

Then, on the day of your procedure, Dr. Patel can complete every aspect of your implant placement in-house. Here, we also fit you with a custom temporary crown if needed. After you heal, you come back to our office and we place a perfectly matching porcelain crown over your implants for a flawless new smile you’ll love to show off.

This is a much faster, less intense series of appointments than traditional dental implant surgery. Not only do you not need to worry about going to multiple specialists, but you can expect more comfortable visits and swift recovery times.

Yomi® robotic assistance for faster appointments

Our Yomi robotic assistant works well with the technologies and techniques currently employed at our office. For instance, many of our clients already experience dramatic transformations in fewer visits thanks to our ability to complete many aspects of every treatment in-house. Now, clients who qualify for one-day dental implant procedures can expect faster appointments.

Yomi technology works well with our current digital workflows. At your complementary consultation, we discuss your goals and address your concerns. We create a 3D scan of your mouth with our industry-leading 3D imaging system. Using that scan, Dr. Patel can plan your procedure and anticipate any potential underlying issues.

Yomi then assists Dr. Patel the day of your procedure using our accurate 3D scans. With its guidance, we no longer need to rely on bulky surgical guides or free-hand surgery. Instead, Dr. Patel holds the tool guided by the robotic assistant which steadies his hand and leads him to the exact position for the perfect placement of your replacement tooth. Fewer and smaller incisions mean faster, more comfortable recovery times with few to no stitches.

Once the implants heal, clients return to have their abutment and temporary crown placed. And, when no complications arise, the final, perfectly-matched, natural-looking crown is permanently fixed.

Minimally invasive digital robotic dentistry

Guided by our accurate 3D scans, Yomi assistance helps place implants precisely where they need to go. This means Dr. Patel doesn’t need to make a long incision in order to place your implant. Instead, he makes it exactly where it needs to be, and only just as large as it needs to be. And because less tissue is affected, less needs to heal. This recovery typically lasts for a shorter duration than traditional dental implant placement, as well. In the end, the result is a perfectly natural, comfortable fit for the perfect replacement tooth.

But what, beyond this, is Yomi robotic dentistry and how does it work? Yomi robotic-assisted dental implant surgery is the first FDA-cleared robotic device for dental surgery. It guides Dr. Patel’s hands through haptic feedback as he holds and moves the tools. Haptic feedback from the Yomi system is simply a combination of mechanical resistance and a visual and audio indicator. And, this guidance is provided based on the 3D scans of the client that make up the treatment plan created by Dr. Patel. If Dr. Patel moves even a fraction of a millimeter off course, the robotic assistant will notify him.

The system also serves to stabilize the tools Dr. Patel is holding. Of course, Dr. Patel retains full control at all times during the procedure. Essentially, the system serves the same mechanical function as a surgical guide without the hassle, and is not a replacement for us as your provider. Instead, it simply functions to provide precise guidance and accuracy up to a fraction of a millimeter without bulky surgical guides. And, unlike surgical guides, Yomi allows Dr. Patel to make adjustments to the treatment plan at the time of the procedure.

The arm that holds the dental tools is shown. For the Yomi robotic dentistry services landing page.
Dr. Patel holds his dental tool attached to the Yomi robotic assistant. The assistant provides feedback and stabilization for the instrument in Dr. Patel's hand as he is performing the dental implant procedure.

Robotic dentistry or surgical guides

Dr. Patel is already highly skilled at placing dental implants free-handed, with a high level of accuracy. Because of this, many clients trust our office for even the most complex dental transformations. Implementing revolutionary technology has always been entirely to benefit our clients, and Yomi is certainly no exception.

Today, free-hand dental implant procedures are most common. In these free-hand procedures, surgeons use a hand-held instrument to place your implant. After looking closely at your bone, gums, and nearby teeth, surgeons place the implant. Though, with this method, exact placement can sometimes be challenging for those with less experience or an unsteady hand. Especially if further decay or swelling has occurred before the procedure.

To assist with this free-hand method, printed or milled surgical guides can be created. When Dr. Patel has the need for custom-made surgical guides, he has found them to be helpful. However, surgical guides must be made in advance and don’t easily allow for changes during surgery. If changes to the guide need to be made at the time of surgery, the procedure could be delayed to ensure those are the most accurate they can be. If changes aren’t made, the guide may fit improperly, resulting in poor placement of implants or other complications. Guides can also be too bulky for certain areas of the mouth, meaning they simply can’t be used at all. These are all reasons why Dr. Patel typically prefers skilled free-hand implant placement.

Despite these challenges, guides are helpful for free-hand dental implant procedures, because they can allow for less invasive surgery. This is because well-fitting guides like the custom ones made by Dr. Patel make it easy to determine the exact placement for an implant. However, Yomi-Enabled surgery doesn’t require guides, eliminating these shortcomings without sacrificing accuracy.

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