It was essentially painless getting the braces on, and it didn't limit my life. By 8 months, things had beautifully taken shape.
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Danielle talks about no pain braces

I’ve always wanted braces. Growing up, I was the oldest of five, and we weren’t able to afford them. I was determined by the time I could afford it I’d do it, so I came to meet Dr. Patel. We came up with a great plan for my treatment, and it was awesome.

After the initial consultation, we set up an appointment to get the braces placed. By the 8-month mark, things had beautifully taken shape and I was able to get the braces off. It was a simple monthly visit to do the adjustments. By the end, it became like coming to see old friends.

I was very surprised at how easy the process was. It was essentially painless getting the braces on, and the adjustments weren’t that bad. There was a little soreness that same day, but it didn’t limit my life at all having them.

Also, if there was anything I was concerned about, they were always available – even after hours. I had one of the assistant’s phone numbers and once texted her a picture of something I was scared about. She always answered right away.

Dr. Neal Patel can help you

Braces are traditionally considered to be unattractive, awkward and uncomfortable. They have a reputation for being difficult to maintain and slow to achieve their results. However, modern short-term orthodontics significantly improves on the entire process.

Modern braces achieve beautiful results in a fraction of the time thanks to computer-guided planning. Like Danielle, most clients can expect to see permanent results within 4 to 8 months. Conversely, traditional braces could take several years to achieve the same results. With digital planning, Dr. Patel optimally places your brackets to speed up the alignment of your new smile. This optimization also means adjusting your braces is faster and more comfortable.

Clients like Danielle often opt for braces over Invisalign® because they are cheaper and achieve the same results much faster. Six Month Smiles® braces are another option. These are more subtle than traditional braces because the brackets are clear and the wires are white. The result is a solution that is low-profile and fast. Finally, if you are worried about wearing brackets in public, we can place the wire on the backs of your teeth. That way, your brackets won’t be visible at all.

Simply, braces can help you achieve the smile of your dreams and Dr. Patel can help. Contact us online or call our office at 740.881.2600 to start your transformation today!

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