I have a brand new smile that I never thought I could have had without something like veneers. And I am so incredibly happy with what I have now!
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Kenny talks about his easy smile makeover

It’s been about one month since finishing my Six Month Smiles® braces treatment with Dr. Patel. The whole thing’s been a tremendous experience, and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. My family and friends have been going crazy. It’s exciting to show off my smile to everyone I run into.

Six Month Smiles® was one of the easiest experiences I’ve had for such a drastic change. I expected a lot more pain or discomfort, but there really wasn’t much at all. The first couple of weeks, there was a little bit of getting used to the braces. But after that, I didn’t even notice they were on. During most conversations, people wouldn’t notice my braces for about five or six minutes. It would take me laughing really loudly or opening my mouth really wide before they noticed I had them in.

I really enjoyed the whole process. I can’t say enough how seamless it all was. It was nice to come back to Infinite Smiles to get my checkups. We did that about every four weeks to see how everything was going, make adjustments, and to clean my teeth.

I think my journey was a bit more problematic than most people, but it still felt very seamless. We weren’t just straightening things up, I had bite and alignment issues on top of that. And, in the end, everything came out perfectly. Initially, I was a little nervous about how long it might take. I thought I would need to wear braces much longer than six months. But everything got done very efficiently, and I was super pleased.

After the braces came off, we did a whitening procedure. It brightened everything up and made everything super sparkly right away. I was very happy with the results.

The next procedure I needed was gum restoration. There were certain areas of my mouth I was always unhappy with, and I went over those with Dr. Patel. He showed me what he could do to fix them. I honestly didn’t know it was possible, so I was a very surprised how easy it was for him. The procedure I had only took about 20 minutes, I couldn’t believe it. They lifted my gumline in a lot of places where, when I was smiling or laughing, it was very gummy.

Now, when I smile, people notice right away. They’re like, “Your smile looks great!” Some people even think I have veneers and I tell them, “No, it’s just a couple different procedures.” I have a brand new smile that I never thought I could have had without something like veneers. And I am so incredibly happy with what I have now!

Infinite Smiles can help you

Just like Kenny, many adults are unhappy or uncomfortable with their smile. At Infinite Smiles, we specialize in helping our clients become comfortable with theirs. And, as Kenny proves, you don’t have to go through a major dental procedure to do so.

Kenny’s smile makeover was completed entirely at Infinite Smiles, in just around six months. First, we used Six Month Smiles® braces to straighten Kenny’s teeth and fix his misaligned bite. The discrete wires and brackets comfortably straightened his smile in just under six months. Next, we brightened his smile at our office with professional teeth whitening. Finally, we touched up his gumline with gentle, non-invasive gum contouring. A nearly painless procedure that, at Infinite Smiles, requires no incisions thanks to state-of-the-art laser technology.

With these procedures completed, Dr. Patel was able to completely and painlessly transform his smile. And, it was all done in a single office at a pace that was convenient for Kenny. If you are also unhappy and are looking to uncover your own dream smile, Infinite Smiles can help. Contact us online or call our office at 740.881.2600 to schedule your first appointment today!

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