I definitely do go around smiling a lot more now. It does give you that self confidence, absolutely.
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Asha talks about faster braces

In my 30’s I was told I needed braces. I’d had my wisdom teeth out and there was a lot of shifting going on in my mouth. I was also born without a bicuspid on one side, so my bite was off and my smile was off.

Orthodontists were telling me it was going to take about 18 months to 2 years for me to actually have straight teeth. I really didn’t want to have to do that, not in my 30’s. I really didn’t want to sit next to a 12 year old with us both having braces on.

Dr. Patel gave me confidence. He told me he could try to fix my bite in a year’s time using the Damon braces system. It was something I’d never heard of before. With the Damon system, I didn’t need a tooth extraction, and that was where I was most apprehensive. I really didn’t want to have a tooth taken out and Dr. Patel was able to work around that and was able to fix my bite.

Dr. Patel was able to give me my smile within a year, less than a year. I definitely do go around smiling a lot more now. Now, when I glance in the mirror or when I talk to people, I find myself beaming a lot more. It does give you that self confidence, absolutely.

Dr. Neal Patel can help you

Modern orthodontic solutions focus on comfort, efficiency and subtlety. Treatments that once took 2 or more years to complete can now be achieved in less than one. Clients like Asha who fear losing their teeth to traditional orthodontic techniques may no longer need to worry. Braces like the Damon system and Six Month Smiles® are more gentle. This is because they use the natural forces of your mouth to realign your teeth.

A common worry among adults is that they will be judged for wearing braces at an older age. Fortunately, modern braces can be very discreet. Clear brackets and white wires like the ones Asha wore make most braces nearly invisible during daily interactions. And in some cases, Dr. Patel may offer to place your wire behind your teeth. Alternatively, Invisalign® clear aligners offer a completely invisible alignment solution.

Straighter teeth and a brighter smile are closer to reality than you think. Contact us online or call our office at 740.881.2600 to schedule your orthodontic consultation today!

If you are interested in achieving your own dream smile, contact us online or call our office at 740.881.2600 today!

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